Washington Ignition Interlock Cameras

Washington Ignition Interlock Cameras [custom_frame_right] [/custom_frame_right] New Cameras Required in 2013   Starting January 1, 2013, Washington Ignition Interlock Devices will start taking pictures once the device is used. The new feature is intended to prevent those drivers who attempt to circumvent the purpose of the device by having someone else blow into it.  The … Read more

Prosecutors Start Dismissing Marijuana Charges

Prosecutors Start Dismissing Marijuana Charges [custom_frame_right] [/custom_frame_right] Misdemeanor Possession Charges Being Dismissed Prosecutors around Washington have begun dismissing misdemeanor marijuana charges that fall within the requirements of the new law. Although the new law, Initiative 502, does not officially go into effect until December 6, 2012, we have been getting dismissals early. Here in Clark … Read more