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DUI Charge Dismissed

Client was charged with DUI when she was pulled over on SR 500 for weaving in her lane and driving too slow for traffic.  The police officers found evidence of alcohol and marijuana and arrested her.  We exposed errors in the police officer’s investigation that violated my

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Possession with Intent to Sell Entered into Drug Court

Client was charged with possession with intent to sell methamphetamine and heroin. The best offer on the case was 90 months in prison before client hired our firm. After months of negotiating and filing legal briefs, the offer is now drug court with no jail time.

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Assault 4 DV Dismissed

Client was charged with domestic violence Assault 4. The prosecutor could have charged a felony Burglary for assaulting her mother-in-law after forcibly entering her house. We set the case for trial and prepared my client’s defense. The week of trial, we negotiated a dismissal of the charge.

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DUI Reduced to Reckless Driving

Client was facing a minimum of 45 days jail and 90 days house arrest on his second DUI in seven years.  Client was pulled over for lane travel violations and an illegal turn.  He was arrested for DUI and took a breath test, which resulted in a

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Assault 2 DV, Unlawful Imprisonment DV and Assault 4 DV – Dismissed

Client was charged with assault 4 DV, strangulation of his girlfriend and attempting to imprison her.  The assault 2 was a strike offense in the state of Washington.  The prosecution ultimately dismissed all charges for lack of evidence.

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Assault 4 DV – Not Guilty

Client was accused by wife and daughter of assaulting wife.  Police officers had photographs of injuries.  Jury acquitted my client after 1 day trial.

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Not Guilty – Two Counts of Assault DV

My client was charged with assaulting two family members in front of police officers.  At trial we managed to demonstrate inaccuracies in the officers’ testimony, which resulted in an acquittal of both charges.

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Assault 4 DV, Strangulation, Menacing Dismissed

Assault 4 DV, Strangulation, Menacing and Interfering with Reporting Dismissed My client was charged with Assault 4 DV, Interfering with Domestic Violence Reporting, Menacing DV and Strangulation DV in Clackamas County, Oregon. The charged stemmed from an incident where neighbors reported a fight between my client and

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Not Guilty – Assault 4 Domestic Violence

Not Guilty – Assault 4 DV My client was charge with Assault 4 Domestic Violence for allegedly assaulting her domesting partner in broad daylight in Vancouver, Washington. At trial the State brought three eye witnesses saying that they clearly saw my client violently assault her partner. After

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Not Guilty – Assault 4 DV and Bail Jumping

Not Guilty - Assault 4 DV and Bail Jumping

Last week my client and I went to trial to defend against allegations of Assault 4 DV and Bail Jumping.  My client was accused of assaulting his girlfriend after an argument.  The alleged victim testified and told the jury that my client had assaulted her by throwing

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