DUI Arraignment

DUI Arraignment

Vancouver WA DUI Lawyer

An arraignment is your opportunity to plead guilty or not guilty to your DUI charge.  Your arraignment is usually done at your first court appearance.  In Washington, the court must schedule your arraignment within 14 days or your citation, CrRLJ 4.1  Your first court date will be written on the citation that your receive after your arrest.

If you appear without a lawyer to your first court date in Vancouver, WA, the court will ask whether you want to hire an attorney to appear for your arraignment and schedule you to come back within the 14 days of your arrest.  The court may also give you the option to waive your right to an attorney for your first appearance and enter a not guilty plea and come back for your next court date, usually 6 weeks out.  A plea of not guilty is simply a way to preserve your rights in the criminal justice process and allow you (and your attorney) time to work on your case.  It is not necessarily a statement to the judge saying that you did nothing wrong, but rather a way to allow your attorney time to work on your case.

Once you enter a plea of not guilty, the court will set conditions of release.  These conditions consist of the basic conditions:

  • No Alcohol or Non Prescribed Drugs
  • Stay in Contact With Your Attorney

In some cases the court may require more restrictive conditions including:

  • Antabuse
  • Random Urine Tests or Breath Tests

The judge will order these conditions primarily based on your prior DUIs and your BAC level.   It is always a good idea to have an attorney with you at your DUI arraignment.

If you are facing a DUI charge, call our office or use our contact form to schedule an appointment to speak with an experienced DUI attorney.  DUIs carry serious penalties including mandatory minimum jail sentences, probation, license suspension and ignition interlock devices.