Ignition Interlock Device

Washington Ignition Interlock


An Ignition Interlock Device is an electronic device installed in a vehicle that requires the driver to blow into the device prior to starting the vehicle.  This device is a mini breathalyzer and will not allow the driver to start the vehicle if there is alcohol detected on the driver’s breath.  Additionally, the device may record the number of failed attempts to start the vehicle, which can be later reported to the probation department or the judge.

The use of an Ignition Interlock device is court ordered as a condition of probation for a DUI.  Also, while on suspension for a DUI, you may apply with the Washington Department of Licensing to get an Ignition Interlock License, which will allow you to drive while your license is in suspension for a DUI.

The Washington Department of Licensing has a site that will help you get your Ignition Interlock License.

It is a crime to tamper with or otherwise circumvent an ignition interlock device.


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