Theft Attorney


Theft charges are very harmful and embarrassing.  They can ruin a person’s reputation and prevent them from finding a job.  Many good people find themselves in a situation where they are simply with  the wrong person and they find themselves facing a theft charge.  We have represented many clients charged with theft and have helped them get keep their records clean.  If you know someone charged with a crime, call us today to talk to an attorney for free.

Theft charges often arise at large department stores or other large retail stores with an on staff securing team. Often, the store accuses someone of theft before anyone has tried to exit the store without paying for merchandise. In some situations, the store will accuse several people of theft when only one person was stealing.  The security staff usually make assumptions that you are stealing that are difficult to disprove.

In order to prove a theft, the government has to prove that you took property, without lawful authority, with the intent to deprive the store of that property.
Theft charges are serious crimes that have a real impact on a person’s reputation and their ability to find employment.

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Kris Carrasco has experience handling numerous theft charges in the Vancouver and Portland area. Mr. Carrasco is a skilled trial attorney who knows how to get you the best outcome for your theft charge. Call today or use our email form to schedule an appointment for a free consultation.