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Being accused of a crime can be a devastating experience. In addition to a potential jail sentence, criminal charges come with a variety of dreadful consequences that affect your family, friends and your reputation.  Each case has its unique strengths and weaknesses that only an experienced lawyer will know how to analyze to your advantage.  Having an attorney that is experienced in criminal law is critical when you need to navigate through the difficult decisions that are part of every criminal prosecution.

Practice Areas

Kris Carrasco is thoroughly experienced in all aspects of criminal law. He has handled thousands of criminal cases and he can help you navigate the complex legal decisions and come up with the best strategy to defend you against the most intimidating accusations.  Mr. Carrasco is licensed to practice law in Washington, Oregon and California.  He has handled hundreds of criminal cases and is an active trial attorney in both states.  Whether you need an aggressive defense against a felony or misdemeanor, Mr. Carrasco can help. Mr. Carrasco also practices in the area of personal injury law. He is experienced in challenging insurance companies and civil defense lawyers and has successfully received winning jury verdicts as a plaintiff’s attorney.