Harassment Attorney

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In Washington, Harassment can either be charged as a felony or gross misdemeanor and is defined by RCW 9A.46.020, which is charged when threats are made that put the person threatened in reasonable fear of harm to their person or property.  Harassment requires the following elements:

Harassment Gross Misdemeanor Elements

  • A person knowingly threatens immediately or in the future
  • To cause physical harm or to damage the property of another
  • To subject the person threatened to physical restraint or confinement
  • The person threatened was put in reasonable fear by the threats

Felony Harassment

Harassment may be charged as a class C felony when

  • The person charged has previously been convicted of harassment of the same victim
  • The victim is a person named in a no-contact order and the defendant is the respondent to that order.
  • The harassment alleged is a threat to kill another person
  • The person harassed is a criminal justice participant in the course of his/her official duties.

Harassment Domestic Violence

Harassment is a common domestic violence charge.  The key element to a harassment charge is showing reasonable fear.  Because the charge does not involve actual physical violence, but rather speech, the government must show that the person threatened was in reasonable fear of harm.  This intersection between free speech and criminal activity is where a skilled defense attorney will focus on defending your harassment charge.

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