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Kris Carrasco Attorney at Law
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 15 reviews
 by GC
Out of State Restraining Order

I was in a horrible situation where the mother of my son had me arrested on false claims so she could kidnap our son and move to Washington from California. She filed a restraining order when she got to Washington, listing our son as a protected party and claimed I had been abusive to her and him, writing a statement filled with lies and stories going back many years. She went so far as to have her family members, whom had never left Washington submit statements as well. The whole thing was disturbing and as a result I wasn't able to see my son for months. Kris didn't get dragged into arguing the meritless claims she made but instead focused on the actual law. Washington did not have jurisdiction over me and as a result a restraining order was not legal. A temp judge granted the restraining order and Kris made the judge explain on the stand multiple times how Washington had jurisdiction. She could not. He filed a motion for reconsideration shortly after outlining case law and making it clear that the temp judge had made a mistake. A commissioner reviewed and granted the motion for reconsideration. As a result, I was able to be reunited with my son, 102 days later. Kris is an amazing lawyer and I can't thank him enough for what he did for me and my son. Don't hesitate to hire him.

 by Johnson- Brannon
DUI Representative

Got charged for a DUI in November of 2021. It was bumped down to reckless driving! Kris is a great attorney and my case went really smoothly. Appreciate you and your team! Definitely was able to answer all my questions and help me take the necessary steps to complete the court requirements. Call Kris, he will go above and beyond expectations!

 by GH
Assault 4, DV

I was arrested for Assault 4, Domestic Violence charge in July of 2021. I contacted Kris and while he was adamant that he could not see the future he explained what to expect and what he could do for me. The prosecutor made an offer for reducing the charge to Disturbing the Peace with bench probation and a small fine. I hinted to Kris that this would allow me to keep my rights to firearms and that I would consider it and Kris told me that he was hoping to get a dismissal of all charges. After a couple of phone calls to the prosecutor, this was the result. Kris was direct and to the point in any communications I had with him and he didn’t make any false promises. If you want a straight shooter who gets results, call Kris. He did it for a flat rate that was fair and I could not have asked for more.

 by Jesse

I was charged with a DUI in Woodland and the prosecutor was asking for 30 days jail. I hired Kris and they dismissed my charge in one court appearance. Kris was very easy to talk to and gave me honest advice from the beginning. I highly recommend him.

 by Erin
Great Attorney!

Kris was the only attorney who knew what he was talking about when it comes to firearms restoration. I was convicted of a second degree assault and he actually got my gun rights back!

The process was quick and easy. Kris had all the paperwork ready for me to sign ready when I met him and I didn't have to show up to court. Kris even made sure that all agencies received the courts order afterwards.

 by J.H.

I highly recommended Kris for DUI representation. He is extremely knowledgeable, communicative and easy to reach with both the simplest and complex case/law questions. He works hard to explore all avenues in reaching deals for his clients.

 by Sarah
Excellent Attorney

Kris was great. He got my DUI charged dismissed entirely. What else can I say?

 by Rich Barnes

I heard the man tell one of the deputy DA's, 'I don't understand why this has to be so complicated' in reference to my case and the resolution we sought. Needless to say we got the deal we wanted, which was a full dismissal.  I'd retain him to represent me again for sure.

 by Dave
Good Representation

And to everyone who needs Good Representation.
Kris made this reveiw possible through his hard work and determination. He believed their was innocence to be proven and stuck to the case all the way. Even when the otherside made changes in their story he stuck to the beliefs and my side. I never had a doubt i was innocent, but how i was going to prove it to Kris, will determine the outcome, Kris was able to see the side who was lying, and making the story up as it continued, to drag on. Waiting as long as we did, Paid off!!!!!!

Thank you so much Kris For the best Job done.... This was better than a job well done.... excellent!!!!
I highly recommend Kris, and listen to what Kris has to Say..... He can Help... rather it is a lesser charge or prove your innocence... Kris Can Do IT....

 by Andrew

I am a high profile public employee and was recently faced with a false rape accusation. Kris was with me every step of the way. He was available 24/7 and busted his a** for me. All charges were dismissed and the truth came out. I cannot express how much I am in debt to Kris and his team. I was facing the most stressful event of my life, and he had my back. If you choose another lawyer, your making a big mistake. I will NEVER forget what Kris and his team did for me. I'm forever in your debt. You rock man!!! Keep up the good work!

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