VPD Officer Arrested

[custom_frame_right] [/custom_frame_right] Escapes DUI Charge In another example of Vancouver law enforcement getting preferential treatment in the criminal justice system, Detective Jeremy Free with the Vancouver Police Department was pulled over this weekend in Washougal after he failed to stop for a stop sign. Detective Free was with his wife and two children in the … Read more

DOL Hearing Fee Increase

DOL Hearing Fee Increase [custom_frame_right] [/custom_frame_right] The Washington Department of Licensing has increased the fee to request a hearing to contest a license suspension after a DUI arrest.  This means that anyone arrested for a DUI, will now have to pay $375 to request a hearing.  This is almost twice as much as the previous … Read more

New Marijuana DUI Law

New Marijuana DUI Law New Per Se THC Standard Measure 502, Washington’s initiative that decriminalizes and regulates the sale and use of marijuana, establishes a new standard for charging DUIs based on marijuana use. Typically, anyone charges with a DUI is being charged for consuming too much alcohol before driving. Washington’s DUI law RCW 46.61.502, … Read more