New DUI Laws 2014

New DUI Laws for 2014

Starting January 1, 2014, the state of Washington will roll out the remainder of DUI laws that were signed by Governor Inslee earlier this year.  The full detailed list of changes to the DUI law can be found here.  The final set of laws that go into effect starting this year relate to stricter DUI monitoring for defendants who have a prior DUI offense on their record.  The program is a sobriety monitoring program.

The program is intended to ensure that repeat offenders are not drinking while their case in pending with the courts.  The law provides funding to individual counties to create a “24 hour sobriety program” which monitors defendants for alcohol use.  How the courts will monitor these individuals is not completely clear.  Alcohol monitoring bracelets are popular with many courts, which come with a cost to the defendant.  Alternatively some courts are requiring defendants to check in with the local sheriff’s office to take a breathalyzer test daily or submit to urine testing.

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