DOL Hearing Fee Increase

DOL Hearing Fee Increase



The Washington Department of Licensing has increased the fee to request a hearing to contest a license suspension after a DUI arrest.  This means that anyone arrested for a DUI, will now have to pay $375 to request a hearing.  This is almost twice as much as the previous fee of $200.  The new rate went into effect this October.  Drivers may still have the fee waived if they qualify as indigent under th DOL standards.

This may change how drivers deal with first-time DUIs.  For a first DUI in Washington, that is not a BAC refusal and under .15 BAC, the typical license suspension is 90 days.  The DOL allows a person to drive during this suspension period if they obtain an Ignition Interlock License and have the device install and functioning in their vehicle.  The total cost for this for 90 days is approximately how much it costs to contest the license suspension.  Only a good DUI attorney can help you make that decision based on the specific facts in your case.

The deadline for requesting a DOL hearing after a DUI arrest will remain 20 days.


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