Clark County Blood Draw Pilot Program

Clark County Sheriffs Begin Drawing Blood in DUI Investigations KATU News interviewed me for their story on Clark County’s new blood draw DUI program. When someone is arrested for DUI, Washington law enforcement has the option of drawing and testing the suspect’s blood to determine whether there are drugs or alcohol present. This typically happens … Read more

DUI Accident Reduce to Reckless Driving

DUI Accident Reduce to Reckless Driving Client was charged with a DUI after getting into an accident with another vehicle in the middle of the night. The client was taken by ambulance to a nearby hospital where medical staff found her blood alcohol level to be 4 times the legal limit. We managed to settle … Read more

DUI Charge Dismissed

DUI Charge Dismissed   Client was charged with DUI when she was pulled over on SR 500 for weaving in her lane and driving too slow for traffic.  The police officers found evidence of alcohol and marijuana and arrested her.  We exposed errors in the police officer’s investigation that violated my clients rights and the … Read more

Possession with Intent to Sell Entered into Drug Court

Possession with Intent to Sell Entered into Drug Court Client was charged with possession with intent to sell methamphetamine and heroin. The best offer on the case was 90 months in prison before client hired our firm. After months of negotiating and filing legal briefs, the offer is now drug court with no jail time.

Assault 4 DV Dismissed

Client was charged with domestic violence Assault 4. The prosecutor could have charged a felony Burglary for assaulting her mother-in-law after forcibly entering her house. We set the case for trial and prepared my client’s defense. The week of trial, we negotiated a dismissal of the charge.

DUI Reduced to Reckless Driving

Client was facing a minimum of 45 days jail and 90 days house arrest on his second DUI in seven years.  Client was pulled over for lane travel violations and an illegal turn.  He was arrested for DUI and took a breath test, which resulted in a reading over .17 BAC.   We successfully fought to … Read more

Assault 4 DV Is Now A Felony

Assault 4 DV Is Now a Felony Crime   Assault 4 DV is a common charge brought by prosecutors in Washington.  It is the lowest level domestic violence assault and often minor altercations can lead to an arrest for this charge.  As of July 2017, this same charge can be filed as a felony.  RCW … Read more

Deferred Prosecution for Mental Health Issues

Deferred Prosecution is a program available to those charged with misdemeanor or gross misdemeanor crimes in Washington. RCW Chapter 10.05 lays out the framework for the program.  The program allows a defendant to avoid a conviction and its penalties by entering into and successfully completing the program.  The defendant has to state under oath that … Read more