New DUI Laws Go Into Effect

New DUI Laws in Washington     Washington’s new DUI legislation is going into effect.  Below I have included a summary of the major changes to the law. Concentration (RCW 46.61.502) Still .08 for alcohol, but 5.00 NPM for Non-carboxy THC, or 0.00 NPM if client is under 21 For CDL it is “any measurable … Read more

Felony Conviction Vacated

Not Guilty

Felony Hit and Run Vacated My client was convicted over 10 years ago on a felony hit and run.  He called my office and I vacated the conviction.  In Washington, after you successfully have a conviction vacated, you can legally tell employers that you have never been convicted of that crime.  RCW 9.94a.640. Remember, there … Read more

2 Domestic Violence Dismissals

2 Domestic Violence Dismissals   [custom_frame_right][/custom_frame_right] After weeks of negotiation and hard work, the prosecution dismissed an Assault 4 DV charge against my client.  We convinced the government that it was my client who was being abused by her husband for years and that when police arrived the husband manipulated the situation to make it … Read more

Domestic Violence Acquittal

Domestic Violence Acquittal

Domestic Violence Acquittal Assault 4 DV, Malicious Mischief 3 DV and Interference with Reporting DV – Not Guilty My client was charged with three domestic violence counts.  We put the case in front of the jury and through cross-examination and a little help from the arresting officer’s testimony, the jury was shown how the alleged … Read more