Restore Your Firearm Rights Today

If you have been convicted of a crime that resulted in the revocation of your firearms rights in
Washington, you may be entitled to have them restored.  Any felony conviction and some misdemeanor domestic violence convictions will revoke your right to possess a firearm.

Firearms Restoration Eligibility

  • It has been more than five years since your conviction that resulted in your firearms being revoked
  • You have not been convicted of a sex offense or class A felony.
  • None of your convictions are for a violent offense as defined in Washington law.
  • You have never been convicted of a felony crime where a firearm was used.
  • You do not have a prior felony convictions that prohibits you from possessing a firearm.
  • You have not been convicted of three or more violations of Washington’s firearms’ laws within any five year period.
  • You have not had a firearm forfeited in the past 5 years for a drug or alcohol incident.
  • You have no other pending charges in Washington or any other jurisdiction
Contact Kris Carrasco for a free consultation to determine whether you can have your firearm rights restored.  Often, we can determine whether you qualify right over the phone and have paperwork filed that day, so you can have your rights restored as quickly as possible.

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